Removing Moles in a Natural Way- Steps into Clear Skin

Published: 19th August 2010
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Tired of the mole removal creams that is ineffective against your moles? Interested in attaining that clear beautifu skin with the natural treatment for your mole removal? If so, you may want to try some of these natural mole removal techniques. Although the treatment in mole removal takes time still you may want to prefer this type of treatment rather than purchasing the expensive and instant creams but is still ineffective. The following are rather useful tips for your mole removal treatment.

The Best And Proven Effective Way In Removing Mole Naturally

* Apply the juice of the onion into the mole for some time until you are satisfied with the result. Medication is at least once everyday.

* Cut a garlic and rub it into the mole for a minute or two everyday.

* Another juice that can help is that of a sour apple. Apply the juice to your mole three times every day for three weeks. Regular use results into a lesser duration of the treatment.

* Grind drumstick pods into a paste and mix it with lemon extract. Just put it in the mole until you can see the result.

* Castor oil and baking soda does the treatment overnight. Wash the treatment off when you wake up and continue within a week.

* Dig up dandelions from your yard and cut the roots off of them. You can rub the roots to your mole till the roots produces a white, milky liquid. Do this everyday for a few weeks.

* One bizarre old wives' tale for removing moles involves urine. A small amount of urine should be in a container and let it rest for about a week. Then soak a cotton for several minutes in it. You must hold the soaked cotton unto the mole for several minutes. It may look dirty but people say it is the best and the most effective and natural way to remove mole.

If none of these solutions seem to work for you, there are always creams and other medications available at your local drug store. Just take extra careful in using them for they always contain harmful ingredients that could harm your skin. Others does doubt on these kind of product and just prefer the natural treatment on removing their moles. Whatever may happen, always put and inform others not to cut the mole. This carelessness can lead to infection. Surgery is up to the doctors.

Of course, there are many other ways of naturally removing moles. One of the issues, though, is that most of these natural mole removal techniques take several weeks or even longer. However, there is one unique natural method that you can use to permanently remove a mole from your skin. This treatment is effective enough to make people use them and gives them enough self-esteem without their unwanted mole. Want to find out more about this great technique that can rid your face of moles within three days? Click Here.

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